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Gathering Music     Many Tables     Fred Gramann

Greeting and Welcome     Odette Lockwood-Stewart

Introit     All the Ends of the Earth Shall Remember (Psalm 22:27-28)     Fred Gramann
              (composed for today’s service)
    Jennifer Young, soloist   Fred Gramann, organ

Call to Worship     Odette Lockwood-Stewart

Hymn     The Heavens Reveal the True Glory of God     tune: ST. DENIO     lyrics based on Psalm 19, paraphrased by Fred Gramann

Prayer of Common Confession     Odette Lockwood-Stewart

Silent Prayers of Confession

Words of Assurance

Gloria Patri

Children’s Blessing     Allison Wheeler    

Music     I Love the Lord     Richard Smallwood
    Alexia Rabé, vocals and piano

Candle for God’s Global Vision of Compassion, Justice, and Peace     Jodi Fondell

The First Lesson –     Psalm 22:27-31     Chinwe Akujuobi

Music     Der Frühling     W.A. Mozart
              Jennifer Young, soloist   Fred Gramann, organ

The Second Lesson – John 15:1-11     David Li

Sermon     Grace of the Vine     Odette Lockwood-Stewart

Music     New Wine     Brooke Ligertwood     Alexia Rabé, vocals and piano  Devon Graves, vocals   Mimi Sunnerstam, cello

Prayers of the People and the Lord's Prayer (in your mother tongue)     Doug Fondell    

Invitation to offering    

Offertory Music     Adagio     Johann Melchior Molter
    Carol Mundinger, clarinet   Fred Gramann, piano

Prayer of Dedication     Jodi Fodell

The Sacrament of Holy Communion     Jodi Fondell, Doug Fondell
     The Invitation - Prayer of Consecration
     Sharing of the Bread and the Cup
     Communion Solo     Panis Angelicus     Arthur Honeggero
                                     Jennifer Young, soloist   Fred Gramann, piano
     Prayer of Thanksgiving

Hymn     Christ, You Often Sat at Dinner     tune: BEACH SPRING
                                                                    Text: Copyright © 2011 by Carolyn Winfrey Gillette

Benediction     Odette Lockwood-Stewart

Postlude     Largo     G.F. Handel
                   Simon Fournier, trumpet   Fred Gramann, organ