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Opening Meditation     Down in the River to Pray     arr. Fred Gramann

The Easter Story Awakens Us     Victor Greene

Welcome     Odette Lockwood-Stewart

A Reading from the Easter Sermon of John Chrysostom  (circa 400)     Jodi Fondell, Doug Fondell

Song of Response     Resurrection Song     Devon Graves
    Devon Graves, vocals  Mimi Sunnerstam, cello
     Josiah Woodson, videography, production, piano

Gospel Reading: John 20:1-18     Marta Hobbs

Message     Rise Up!     Odette Lockwood-Stewart

Song of Response     Forever     Kari Jobe, Bethel Music  arr. Josiah Woodson
Natalie Raynal, vocals   Devon Graves, piano, vocals
Mimi Sunnerstam, cello  Ella Mundinger, violin  Lisa Prevett, flute
Jeff Hohener, videography  Josiah Woodson, videography, production

Prayers for the World     Doug Fondell

Benediction     Odette Lockwood-Stewart    

Closing Song     Down In the River     Spiritual
    Devon Graves, vocals  Natalie Raynal, vocals