Virtual Worship Service

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   Announcements     Prelude on “Praise God, All Ye Christians”     J.G. Walther
                                      Fred Gramann, organ 

   Prelude     Aus Liebe will mein Heiland sterben     J.S. Bach
                      Jennifer Young, soloist  Lisa Prevett, flute   Fred Gramann, organ       

   Greeting for Worship     Doug Fondell

   Call to Worship

   Hymn     Let Us Break Bread Together     tune: LET US BREAK BREAD

   Prayer of Confession

   Assurance of Forgiveness and Peace

   Gloria Patri             

   Welcome     Odette Lockwood-Stewart

   Blessing of the Children     Allison Wheeler

   Musical Offering     How Great Thou Art     arr. David Wallace
                                       David Wallace, guitar

   Lighting the Candle for God’s Global Vision of Compassion, Justice and Peace         
   Prayer for Illumination     Jodi Fondell

   The First Lesson – Exodus 20:1-4, 7-9, 12-20     Max Valluy

   Musical Offering     Couldn’t Hear Nobody Pray     arr. H.T. Burleigh
                                       John Bernard, soloist   Laurana Michelmore, piano

    The Second Lesson – Matthew 21:33-42     Felicia Henderson

    Sermon     The Next Voice You Hear…     Odette Lockwood-Stewart

    Musical Offering     “Park Yenk Menk Dalis Kez”     Armenian Traditional
                                        (We Give You Our Praise)
                                        George Makhshigian, accoustic guitar, vocals          

   Prayers of the People and the Lord's Prayer (in your mother tongue)     Victor Greene      

   The Invitation to the Giving of Tithes and Gifts     Allison Wheeler

   The Sacrament of Holy Communion                    

   Hymn     Be Known to Us in Breaking Bread     tune: O WALY WALY

   Benediction     Odette Lockwood-Stewart                                     

   Congregational Amen