Got questions about life? Try the Alpha Course

Course (10 weeks): Thursdays, beginning 26 September at 19h00 in the Thurber Room










Ever wanted to explore the meaning of life or ask challenging questions about the Christian faith? Do you have a family member, friend, neighbor or colleague who is asking questions about life? If you've answered "yes" then the Alpha Course is for you!

Alpha is an opportunity for anyone to explore the Christian faith in a relaxed, informal and friendly way. It welcomes all those big questions – and it's free!

The course will run every Thursday from 26 September for 10 weeks. Using the latest video talks by Nicky Gumbel (in English with French subtitles), each session starts with a meal at 19h followed by a short video looking at different aspects of the Christian faith, with topics such as How can I have faith? and Does God heal today? Afterwards there are small group discussions, where you can talk about what you have heard and ask any questions you might have.

No question is too simple or too hostile!! Whether you've never heard of God, you're someone who has recently come to faith or you have been a Christian all of your life, this course is for you! Even if you've been a Christian for many years, Alpha is a great way to remind yourself about the fundamental aspects of faith and it is also perfect to invite friends to who are seeking answers about why not invite them to come along with you?

For more information, please feel free to contact the Alpha team here. Make sure that you keep up-to-date with details about the Launch Party and the course by checking the ACP website and social media channels.


What people said about Alpha on the last course at ACP:


"Since doing Alpha I have started Bible reading. Using the verses spoken about it has been great to go away and read them for at them with a deeper understanding"

"Great food, great atmosphere, great discussions"

"I came here as a non-believer and now I think that life without God and faith makes no sense"

"The videos were theologically rich and stimulated great discussions"

"I enjoyed sharing and learning from others"

"I have a better understanding of the relationship with Jesus Christ and I have hope"

29 million people around the world have done Alpha – have you?